Saturday, May 26, 2012

#11: Motivated by Rewards

Sleep on your bed - 1 star
Finish your food on your own; in one go - 1 star
- Every 10 stars earn you 1 Starbucks drink.

Both of them have different tasks to accomplish...

It worked until last night; Debbie insisted on sleeping with us. She complained, "I don't want any more stars..."

"You do not want Starbucks?" "Noooooo....."

The next morning she earned another star for sleeping on her bed :) Yeah!

Smart as she is, Debbie told Denise, "We can add our stars and share our Starbucks."

Wow! She is only turning 5 this July.....

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lesson #10: My Little Helper

Debbie: Mummy, can you help me take the book from the shelf?

Mummy: Can you take it yourself? The shelf is just over there.

5 minutes later....

Mummy: Denise, can you help me take the torchlight from the living room?

Denise: Eh....

Debbie: (without hesitation) I take for you!

And she ran off happily, even though I did not help her 5 minutes earlier... Suddenly I felt so guilty...

The younger they are, the more eager they are to help and assume responsibilities, or only my kids?!? :p

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lesson #9: Motivation and Rewards

Exams started this week and Denise came home with a lot of homework for the weekend. She had to complete all of them before I would allow her to attend a friend's birthday celebration on Sunday. We had CG on Friday; came back late. She had lessons on Saturday and after which, we went for service. By the time we came home after dinner....cum supper...., it was already 12mn! She stayed up till 1.30am to complete ALL her homework...

On another occasion, Denise and Debbie were arguing and whining on our way home. JX told them that he had a goodie bag and he would only give to the one that kept quiet :) Immediately they stopped and started whispering to one another :p

Kids are motivated by rewards :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lesson #8: I'm 5; I Learnt To Share

Debbie: May I borrow the iPad please?

Denise: No......

Debbie: Pleeeeaassseeeeeee......

Denise: No......

Mum: Deb, should mummy buy the new iPad?

Debbie: Ok.... Then I can share with jie-jie...

Friday, March 2, 2012

Lesson #7: Every Child Is Unique

In our household, we buy the same things and food for the children. But we realised that over time, the 2 gals developed their own taste and liking for things.

Denise does not take spicy food. Debbie likes pepper and eats her roti-prata with curry.

Denise loves to read. Debbie loves to draw.

Denise loves anything pink. Debbie is more adventurous with colours.

Denise likes vanilla ice-cream. Debbie likes chocolate/strawberry ice-cream.

Denise does not like carbonated drink. Debbie likes Coke.

Denise like fishball noodle and "loh mee". Debbie can eat wanton noodle for every meal.

Denise likes plain McChicken. Debbie likes nuggets.

Denise does not like animals. Debbie loves them.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lesson #6: Be Consistent

Debbie threw a huge tantrum because Daddy refused to let her use the iPad during meal times. Being the tough nut that she is, she whined and cried for a looooooonnng time. We repeatedly told her not to waste her tears and time because we were not going to give in... Finally, after 20-30mins, she stopped... Sobbing, she decided to join us for dinner instead.

A few days later, Debbie finished her dinner before us and she was playing with the iPad at the living area. She wanted Daddy to help her with something....

Deb: "Daddy, can you help me with the iPad?"

Dad: "Ok, can you bring it to me?"

Deb: "But I thought you said "no iPad at the dining table"...." >.<

How many times, as parents, we bend the rules at our convenience? Most of the time, unknowingly...;p Someone once told me, the key to successful parenting is consistency.

And to end the story above, Daddy walked over to the living area and helped Deb. :)

We had no problem with not having iPad during meal times, since...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lesson #5: My Kids Want Me

I do not know if the other mummies have the same experiences as me...

Whenever the daddy discipline or scold the children, they would cry for me.

However, when I discipline or scold them, the children would still want...... ME! :)

To me, this must be the best thing about being a mother! Somehow my children would still come to me for comfort and seek acceptance from me first.

Maybe it's a mother and daughter thing :)

The other night, I was so mad with Denise over her homework... (I forgot my Lesson #2) I scolded her rather badly. As I was not so hungry and wanted to have my dinner at a later time, she came to me and told me that she would wait to have dinner with me.

It was amazing that after a scolding from me, there was no anger or bitterness. But she still wanted to spend time having dinner with me.

Do I regret having children? NEVER!